Ezekiel chapter 9

He cried also with a loud voice in mine ears, saying: Come her ye rulers of the city, every man with his weaponed hand to the slaughter. Then came there six men out of the street of the upper port toward the north, and every man a weapon in his hand to the slaughter. There was one amongst them, that had on him a linen rayment, and a writer's inkhorn by his side. These went in, and stood beside the brazen alter: for the glory of the Lorde was gone away from the Cherub, and was come down to the threshold of the house, and he called the man that had the linen rayment upon him, and the writer's inkhorn by his side, and the LORD said unto him: Go thy way thorow the city of Ierusalem, and set this mark Thau upon the foreheads of them, that mourn and are sorry for all the abominations, that be done therein.
And to the other, he said that I might hear: Go ye after him thorow the city, slay, oversee none, spare none: kill and destroy both old man and young, maidens, children and wives. But as for those, that have this mark Thau upon them: see that ye touch them not, and begin at my Sanctuary. Then they began at the elders, which were in the temple, for he had said unto them: When ye have defiled the temple, and filled the court with the slain, then go your way forth. So they went out, and slew down thorow the city. Now when they had done the slaughter, and I yet escaped: I fell down upon my face, and cried saying: O LORD, wilt thou then destroy all the residue of Israel, in thy sore displeasure, that thou hast poured upon Ierusalem? Then said he unto me: The wickedness of the house of Israel and Iuda is very great: so that the land is full of blood, and the city full of unfaithfulness: For they say: Tush, the LORD regardeth not the earth, he seeth us not. Therefore will I upon them, mine eye shall not oversee them, neither will I spare them, but will recompense their wickedness upon their heads. And behold, the man that had the linen rayment upon him, and the writers inkhorn by his side: told all the matter how it happened, and said: Lord, as thou hast commanded me, so have I done.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.