Ezekiel chapter 42

Then carried he me out into the fore court toward the north, and brought me into the chamber that stood over against the back building northward, which had the length of an hundredth cubits whose door turned toward the north. The wideness contained fifty cubits: over against the twenty cubits of the innermer court, and against the paved work that was in the fore court. Beside all these three, there stood pillars, one over against another: And before this chamber there was a walking place of ten cubits wide, and within was a way of one cubit wide, and their doors toward the north. Thus the highest chambers were alway narrower then the lowest and middle most of the building: for they bare chamber upon chamber, and stood tree together one upon another not having pillars like the fore court: therefore were they smaller then those beneath and in the middest, to reken from the ground upward. The wall without that stood by the chambers toward the utmost court upon the fore side of the chambers, was fifty cubits long: for the length of the utmost chambers in the fore court was fifty cubits also: but the length thereof before the temple was an hundredth cubits. These chambers had under them an entrance of the east side, where by a man might go into them out of the fore court, thorow the thick wall of the fore court toward the east, right over against the separated building. Before the same building upon this side there were chambers also which had a way unto them, like as the chambers on the north side of the same length and wideness. Their entrance, fashion and doors were also of the same manner. Yea even like as the other chamber doors were, so were those also of the south side. And before the way toward the singers steps on the east side, there stood a door to go in at. Then said he unto me: The chambers toward the north and the south which stond before the back building: those be holy habitations, where in the priests that do service before the LORD, must eat the most holy offerings: and there must they lay the most holy offerings: meat offerings, sin offerings and the trespass offerings, for it is an holy place. When the priests come therein, they shall not go out in to the fore court: but (seeing they be holy) they shall leave their clothes of their ministration, and put on other garments, when they have any thing to do with the people.
Now when he had measured all the innermer house, he brought me forth thorow the east port, and measured the same round about. He measured the east side with the meterod, which round about contained five hundredth meterods. And the north side measured he, which contained round about even so much. The other two sides also toward the south and the west (which he measured) contained either of them five hundredth meterods. So he measured all the four sides where there went a wall round about five hundredth meterods long, and as broad also which separated the holy from the unholy.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.