Ezekiel chapter 40

In the twenty fifth year of our captivity, in the beginning of the year, the tenth day of the month: that is the fourteenth year, after that the city was smitten down: the same day came the hand of the LORD upon me, and carried me forth: even into the land of Israel brought he me in the visions of God: and set me down upon a marvelous high mountain, where upon there was a building (as it had been of a city) toward the north. Thither he carried me, and behold, there was a man, whose similitude was like brass, which had a thread of flax in his hand, and a meterod also. He stood in the door, and said unto me: mark well with thine eyes, harken to with thine ears, and fasten it in thine heart, whatsoever I shall shew thee, for to the intent that they might be shewed thee, therefore art thou brought hither. A whatsoever thou seest, thou shalt certify the house of Israel thereof.
Behold, there was a wall on the outside round about the house: the meterod that he had in his hand, was six cubits long and a span. So he measured the breadth of the building, which was a meterod, and the height also a meterod; Then came he unto the east door, and went up the stairs, and measured the posts of the door, whereof every one was a meterod thick. Every chamber was a meterod long and broad: between the chambers were five cubits. The post of the door within the porch, was one meterod. He measured also the porche of the innermer door which contained a meterod. Then measured he the entry of the door, that contained eight cubits, and his pillars two cubits: and this entry stood inward. The chambers of the door eastward, were three on every side: alike broad and long. The pillars also that stood of both the sides, were of one measure. After this, he measured the wideness of the door, which was ten cubits, and the height of the door thirteen cubits. The edge before the chambers was one cubit broad upon both the sides, and the cambers six cubits wide of either side. He measured the door from the rigge of one chamber to another, whose wideness was twenty five cubits, and one door stood against another. He made pillars also sixty cubits high, round about the court door. Before the inward part unto the fore entry of the innermer door, were fifty cubits. The chambers and the pillars within, round about unto the door, had side windows: So had the fore entries also, whose windows went round about within. And upon the pillars there stood date trees. Then brought he me into the fore court, where as were chambers and paved works, made in the fore court round about: Thirty chambers upon one paved work. Now the paved work was a long beside the doors, and that was the lower paved work. After this, he measured the breadth from the lower door, unto the innermer court of the outside, which had an hundredth cubits upon the east and the north part. And the door in the uttermost court toward the north, measured he after the length and breadth: his three chambers also on either side, with his pillars and fore entries: which had even the measure of the first door. His height was fifty cubits, the breadth twenty five cubits: his windows and porches with his date trees, had even like measure as the door toward the east: there were seven steps to go up upon, and their porch before them. Now the door of the innermer court stood straight over against the door, that was toward the north east. From one door to another, he measured an hundredth cubits. After that, he brought me to the south side, where there stood a door toward the south: whose pillars and porches he measured, these had the first measure, and with their porches they had windows round about, like the first windows. The height was fifty cubits, the breadth twenty five, with steps to go up upon: his porch stood before him, with his pillars and date trees on either side.
And the door of the innermer court stood toward the south, and he measured from one door to another an hundredth cubits. So he brought me in to the innermer court, thorow the door of the south side: which he measured, and it had the measure afore said. In like manner, his chambers, pillars, and fore entries, had even the fore said measure also. And he had with his porches round about, windows of fifty cubits high, and twenty five cubits broad. The porches round about were twenty five cubits long, and five cubits broad: and his porch reached unto the uttermost court: upon his pillars there were date trees, and eight steps to go up upon. He brought me also in to the inmost court upon the east side, and measured the door, according to the measure afore said. His chambers, pillars, and porches had even the same measure, as they first had: and with his porches he had windows round about. The height was fifty cubits, the breadth twenty five cubits: His porches reached unto the uttermost court: his pillars also had date trees on either side, and eight steps to go up upon. And he brought me to the north door, and measured it, which also had the foresaid measure. His chambers, pillars, and porches had windows round about: whose height was fifty cubits, and the breadth twenty five. His pillars stood toward the uttermost court, and upon them both were date trees, and eight steps to go up upon. There stood a chamber also, whose entrance was at the door pillars, and there the burnt offerings were washed.
In the door porch, there stood on either side two tables for the slaughtering; to slay the brent offerings, sin offerings, and trespass offerings thereupon. And on the out side as men go forth to the north door, there stood two tables. Four tables stood on either side of the door, that is eight tables, where upon they slaughtered. Four tables were of hewn stone for the burnt offerings, of a cubit and a half long and broad, and one cubit high: where upon were laid the vessels and ornaments, which were used to the burnt and the slain offerings, when they were slaughtered. And within there were hooks four fingers broad, fastened round about, to hang flesh upon, and upon the tables was laid the offering flesh. On the outside of the innermer door were the singers chambers in the inward court beside the North door over against the South. There stood one also, beside the east door northward. And he said unto me: This chamber on the South side belongeth to the priests, that keep the habitation: and this toward the North, is the priests that wait upon the alter: which be the sons of Sadoch, that do service before the LORD instead of the children of Levi. So he measured the fore court, which had in length an hundredth cubits, and as much in breadth by the four corners. Now the altar stood before the house: And he brought me to the fore entry of the house, and measured the walls by the entry door: which were five cubits long on either side. The thickness also of the door on either side, was three cubits. The length of the porch was twenty cubits, the breadth eleven cubits, and upon steps went men up to it: by the walls also were pillars, on either side one.


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