Ezekiel chapter 45

When ye divide the land by the lot, ye shall put aside one part for the LORD, to be holy from other lands: namely twenty five thousand meterods long, and ten thousand broad. This shall be holy, as wide as it is round about. Of this part there shall belong unto the Sanctuary, five hundredth meterods in all the four corners, and fifty cubits wide round about to the suburbs. And from this measure, namely of twenty five thousand meterods long, and ten thousand broad, thou shalt measure, wherein the Sanctuary and the holiest of all may stond. The residue of that holy ground shall be the priests, which do service in the Sanctuary of the LORD, and go in before the LORD to serve him, that they may have room to dwell in. As for the Sanctuary, it shall stond for itself: and to the Levites that serve in the house, there shall be given twenty habitations, of the twenty five thousand length and ten thousand breadth: ye shall give also unto the city a possession of five thousand meterrods broad, and twenty five thousand long, beside the part of the Sanctuary: that shall be for the whole house of Israel. Upon both the sides of the Sanctuary's part, and by the city, there shall be given unto the prince, whatsoever lieth over against the city, as far as reacheth westward and eastward: which shall be as long as one part, from the west unto the east. This shall be his own land in Israel, that my princes be no more chargeable unto my people. And such as remaineth yet over in the land, shall be given unto the house of Israel according to their tribes.
Thus sayeth the Lord GOD: O ye princes, ye have now oppressed and destroyed enough: now leave off, handle now according to the thing, that is equal and lawful: and thrust out my people no more, sayeth the Lord GOD. Ye shall have a true weight, and a true Ephah, and a true Bath. The Ephah and the Bath shall be alike. One Bath shall contain the tenth part of an Homer, and so shall one Ephah do: their measure shall be after the Homer. One Sicle maketh twenty Geras. So twenty Sicles, and twenty five and fifteen Sicles make a pound.
This is the heave offering, that ye shall give to be heaved: namely, the sixteenth part of an Ephah, out of an Homer of wheat: and the sixteenth part of an Ephah, out of an Homer of barley. The oil shall be measured with the Bath: even the tenth part of one Bath out of a Cor. Ten baths make one Homer: for one Homer filleth ten Baths. And one lamb from two hundredth sheep out of the pasture of Israel, for a meatoffering, burnt offering and health offering, to reconcile them, sayeth the Lord GOD. All the people of the land shall give this heave offering with a free will. Again, it shall be the prince's part to offer burnt offerings, meat offerings, and drink offerings unto the LORD, in the holy days, new Moons, Sabbaths, and in all the high feasts of the house of Israel. The sin offering, meat offering, brent offering and health offering shall he give, to reconcile the house of Israel. Thus sayeth the Lord GOD: The first day of the first month thou shalt take a young bullock without blemish, and cleanse the Sanctuary. So the priest shall take of the blood of the sin offering, and sprinkle it upon the posts of the house, and upon the four corners of the altar, with the door posts of the innermer court. And thus shalt thou do also the seventh day of the month, for such as have sinned of ignorance, or being deceived, to reconcile the house withal. Upon the fourteenth day of the first month ye shall keep Easter. Seven days shall the feast continue, wherein there shall no sour nor leavened bread be eaten. Upon the same day shall the prince give for himself and all the people of the land, a bullock for a sin offering. And in the feast of the seven days he shall offer every day a bullock and a ram, that are without blemish, for a burnt offering unto the LORD: and an he goat daily for a sin offering. For the meat offerings, he shall give ever an Ephah to a bullock, an Ephah to a ram, and an Hin of oil to an Ephah. Upon the fifteenth day of the seventh month, he shall keep the seven days holy one after another, even as the other seven days: with the sin offering, burnt offering, meat offering, and with the oil.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.