Job chapter 42

Then Iob answered the LORD, and said: I know that thou hast power over all things, and that there is no thought hid unto thee. For who can keep his own counsel so secret, but it shall be known? Therefore have I spoken unwisely, seeing these things are so high, and pass mine understanding. O hearken thou unto me also, and let me speak: answer me unto the thing that I will ask thee. I have given diligent ear unto thee, and now I see thee with mine eyes. Wherefore I give mine own self the blame, and take repentance in the dust and ashes.
Now when the LORD had spoken these words unto Iob, he said unto Eliphas the Themanite: I am displeased with thee and thy two friends, for ye have not spoken the thing that is right before me, like as my servant Iob hath done. Therefore take seven oxen and seven rams, and go to my servant Iob, offer up also for yourselves a brentoffering: and let my servant Iob pray for you. Him will I accept, and not deal with you after your foolishness: in that ye have not spoken the thing which is right, like as my servant Iob hath done. So Eliphas the Themanite, Baldad the Suhite and Sophar the Naamathite went their way, and did according as the LORD commanded them. The LORD also accepted the person of Iob,
and the LORD turned him unto Iob, when he prayed for his friends: Yea the LORD gave Iob twice as much as he had afore. And then came there unto him all his brethren, all his sisters, with all them that had been of his acquaintance afore, and ate bread with him in his house, wondering at him, and comforting him over all the trouble, that the LORD had brought upon him. Every man gave him a sheep and a Iewel of gold. And the LORD made Iob richer than he was before: for he had fourteen thousand sheep, and six thousand camels, and a thousand yoke of oxen, and a thousand asses. He had children also, seven sons and three daughters. The first called Day: the second Poverty: the third All plenteousness. In all the land were none found so fair, as the daughters of Iob, and their father gave them inheritance among their brethren. After this lived Iob forty years, so that he saw his children, his childrens' children to the fourth generation; And so he died, being old and of a perfect age.


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