Job chapter 10

it grieveth my soul to live. Nevertheless, now will I put forth my words: I will speak out of the very heaviness of my soul, and will say unto God: O do not condemn me: but shew me the cause, wherefore thou judgest me on this manner. Thinkest thou it well done, to oppress me, to cast me off (being a work of thine hands) and to maintain the counsel of the ungodly? Hast thou fleshly eyes then, or doest thou look as a man looketh? Are thy days as the days of man, and thy years as man's years? That thou makest such inquisition for my wickedness, and searchest out my sin? Whereas (notwithstanding) thou knowest that I am no wicked person, and that there is no man able to deliver me out of thine hand.
Thy hands have made me, and fashioned me altogether round about, wilt thou then destroy me suddenly? O remember (I beseek thee) how that thou madest me of the mould of the earth, and shalt bring me to earth again. Hast thou not milked me, as it were milk: and turned me to curdles like cheese? Thou hast covered me with skin and flesh, and joined me together with bones and sinews. Thou hast granted me life, and done me good: and the diligent heed that thou tookest upon me, hath preserved my spirit. Though thou hidest these things in thine heart, yet am I sure, that thou rememberest them all.
Wherefore didst thou keep me, when I sinned, and hast not cleansed me from mine offense? If I do wickedly, woe is me therefore: If I be righteous, yet dare I not lift up my head: so full am I of confusion, and see mine own misery. Thou huntest me out (being in heaviness) as it were a Lion, and troublest me out of measure. Thou bringest fresh witnesses against me, thy wrath increasest thou upon me, very many are the plagues that I am in. Wherefore hast thou brought me out of my mother's womb? O that I had perished, and that no eye had seen me. If they had carried me to my grave, as soon as I was born, then should I be now, as though I had never been. Shall not my short life come so soon to an end? O hold thee from me, let me alone, that I may ease myself a little afore I go thither, from whence I shall not turn again. Namely, to that land of darkness and shadow of death: yea into that dark cloudy land and deadly shadow, where as is no order, but terrible fear as in the darkness.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.