Jeremiah chapter 30

These are the words that the LORD shewed unto Ieremy, saying: Thus sayeth the LORD God of Israel: Write up diligently all the words, that I have spoken unto thee, in a book. For lo, the time cometh (sayeth the LORD) that I will bring again the prisoners of my people of Israel and Iudah, sayeth the LORD: For I will restore them unto the land, that I gave to their fathers, and they shall have it in possession. Again, these words spake the LORD, concerning Israel and Iudah: Thus sayeth the LORD: We hear a terrible cry, fear and disquietness. For what else doth this signify, that I see? Namely, that all strong men smite, every man his hand upon his loins, as a woman in the pain of her travail. Who ever saw a man travail with child? Enquire thereafter, and see. Yea all their faces are marvelous pale. Alas for this day, which is so dreadful, that none may be likened unto it: and alas for the time of Iacob's trouble, from the which he shall yet be delivered. For in that day, sayeth the LORD, I will take his yoke from off thy neck, and break thy bonds. They shall no more serve strange gods under him, but they shall do service unto God their LORD, and to David their king, whom I will raise up unto them.
And as for thee, O my servant Iacob, fear not (sayeth the LORD) and be not afraid, O Israel. For lo, I will help thee also from far, and thy seed from the land of their captivity. And Iacob shall turn again, he shall be in rest, and have a prosperous life, and no man shall make him afraid. For I am with thee, to help thee, sayeth the LORD. And though I shall destroy all the people, among whom I have scattered thee, yet will I not destroy thee, but correct thee, and that with discretion. For I know, that thou art in no wise without faute. Therefore thus sayeth the LORD: I am sorry for thy hurt and wounds. There is no man to meddle with thy cause: or to bind up thy wounds: there may no man help thee. All thy lovers have forgotten thee, and care nothing for thee. For I have given thee a cruel stroke, and chastened thee roughly: and that for the multitude of thy misdeeds, for thy sins have had the over hand. Why makest thou moan for thy harm? I myself have pity of thy sorrow, but for the multitude of thy misdeeds and sins, I have done this unto thee. And therefore all they that devour thee, shall be devoured, and all thine enemies shall be led in to captivity. All they that make thee waste, shall be wasted themselves: and all those that rob thee, will I make also to be robbed. For I will give thee thy health again and make thy wounds whole, sayeth the LORD: because they reviled thee, as one cast away and despised, O Sion.
For thus sayeth the LORD: Behold, I will set up Iacob's tents again, and defend his dwelling place. The city shall be builded in her old estate, and their houses shall have their right foundation. And out of them shall go thanksgiving, and the voice of joy. I will multiply them, and they shall not minish: I shall endue them with honour, and no man shall subdue them. Their children shall be as aforetime, and their congregation shall continue in my sight. And all those that vex them, will I visit. A captain also shall come of them, and a prince shall spring out from the middest of them: him will I challenge to myself, and he shall come unto me. For what is he, that giveth over his heart to come unto me? sayeth the LORD. Ye shall be my people also, and I will be your God. Behold, on the other side shall the wrath of the LORD break out as a stormy water, as a mighty whirl wind: and shall fall upon the heads of the ungodly. The terrible displeasure of the LORD shall not leave off, until he have done, and performed the intent of his heart, which in the latter days ye shall understand.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.