Jeremiah chapter 20

When Phashur the priest, the son of Emer, chief in the house of the LORD, heard Ieremy preach so steadfastly: he smote Ieremy, and put him in the stocks, that are by the high gate of Ben Iamin, in the house of the LORD. The next day following, Phashur brought Ieremy out of the stocks again. Then said Ieremy unto him: The LORD shall call thee no more Phashur (that is excellent and increasing) but Magor (that is fearful and afraid) everywhere. For thus sayeth the LORD: behold, I will make thee afraid, thee thy self and all that favour thee: which shall perish with the sword of their enemies, even before thy face. And I will give whole Iudah under the power of the king of Babylon, which shall carry some unto Babylon prisoners, and slay some with the sword. Moreover, all the substance of this land, all their precious and gorgeous works, all costliness, and all the treasure of the kings of Iudah: will I give in to the hands of their enemies, which shall spoil them, and carry them unto Babylon. But as for thee (O Phashur) thou shalt be carried unto Babylon with all thine household, and to Babylon shalt thou come, where thou shalt die, and be buried: thou and all thy favourers, to whom thou hast preached lies.
O LORD, thou makest me weak, but thou refreshest me, and makest me strong again. All the day long am I despised, and laughed to scorn of every man: because I have now preached long against malicious Tyranny, and shewed them of destruction. For the which cause they cast the word of the LORD in my teeth, and take me ever to the worst. Wherefore, I thought from hence forth, not to speak of him, nor to preach any more in his name. But the word of the LORD was a very burning fire in my heart and in my bones, which when I would have stopped, I might not. For why, I heard so many derisions and blasphemies, yea even of my own companions, and such as were conversant with me: which went about, to make me afraid, saying: upon him, let us go upon him, to fear him, and make him hold his tongue: that we may overcome him, and be avenged of him. But the LORD stood by me, like a mighty giant: therefore my persecutors fell, and could do nothing. They shall be sore confounded, for they have done unwisely, they shall have an everlasting shame. And now, O LORD of Hosts, thou righteous searcher (which knowest the reins and the very hearts:) let me see them punished, for unto thee I commit my cause. Sing unto the LORD, and praise him, for he hath delivered the soul of the oppressed, from the hand of the violent.
Cursed be the day, wherein I was born: unhappy be the day, wherein my mother brought me forth. Cursed be the man, that brought my father the tidings, to make him glad, saying: thou hast gotten a son. Let it happen unto that man, as to the cities which the LORD turned upside down (when he had long heard the wicked rumour of them) because he slew me not, as soon as I came out of my mother's womb, and because my mother was not my grave herself, that the birth might not have come out, but remained still in her. Wherefore came I forth of my mother's womb? To have experience of labour and sorrow? and to lead my life with shame?


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.