Isaiah chapter 31

Woe be unto them that go down in to Egypt for help, and trust in horses, and comfort themselves in chariots, because they be many, and in horsemen because they be lusty and strong. But they regard not the holy one of Israel, and they ask no question at the LORD. Whereas he nevertheless plagueth the wicked, and yet goeth not from his word, when he steppeth forth, and taketh the victory against the household of the froward, and against the help of evil doers. Now the Egyptians are men, and not God, and their horses flesh, and not spirit. And as soon as the LORD stretcheth out his hand, then shall the helper fall, and he that should have been helped, and shall all together be destroyed. For thus hath the LORD spoken unto me: Like as the lion or lion's whelps roareth upon the prey that he hath gotten, and is not afraid, though the multitude of shepherds cry out upon him, neither abashed for all the heap of them: So shall the LORD of Hosts come down from the mount Sion, and defend his hill. Like as birds flutter about their nests, so shall the LORD of Hosts keep, save, defend and deliver Ierusalem.
Therefore, O ye children of Israel, turn again, like as ye have exceeded in your going back. For in that day every man shall cast out his Idols of silver and gold, which ye have made with your sinful hands. Assur also shall be slain with the sword, not with a man's sword. A sword shall devour him, but not a man's sword. And he shall flee from the slaughter, and his servants shall be taken prisoners. He shall go for fear to his strongholds, and his princes shall flee from his badge. This hath the LORD spoken, whose light burneth in Sion, and his fire in Ierusalem.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.