Isaiah chapter 26

Then shall this song be sung in the land of Iudah. We have a strong city, the walls and the ordinance shall keep us. Open the gates, that the good people may go in, which laboureth for the truth. And thou, which art the doer and hast the matter in hand: shall provide for peace, even the peace that men hope for in thee. Hope still in the LORD, for in the LORD GOD is everlasting strength.
For why? It is he, that bringeth low the high minded citizens, and casteth down the proud cities. He casteth them to the ground, yea even in to the mire, that they may be trodden under the feet of the simple, and with the steps of the poor. Thou (LORD) considerest the path of the righteous, whether it be right, whether the way of the righteous be right. Therefore (LORD) we have a respect unto the way of thy judgements, thy name and thy remembrance rejoice the soul. My soul lusteth after thee all the night long, and my mind hasteth freely to thee. For as soon as thy judgment is known to the world, then the inhabiters of the earth learn righteousness. But the ungodly (though he have received grace) yet learneth he not righteousness, but in that place where he is punished, he offendeth, and feareth not the glory of the LORD. LORD, they will not see thine high hand, but they shall see it, and be confounded: when thou shalt devour them with the wrath of the people, and with the fire of thine enemies.
But unto us, O LORD, provide for peace: for thou workest in us all our works. O LORD our God, though such lords have domination upon us as know not thee: yet grant that we may only hope in thee, and keep thy name in remembrance. The malicious tyrants when they die, are neither in life nor in the resurrection, for thou visitest them and rootest them out, and destroyest all the memorial of them. Again, thou increasest the people, O LORD, thou increaseth the people thou shalt be praised and magnified in all the ends of the world. The people that seek unto thee in trouble, that same adversity which they complain of is unto them a chastening before thee. Like as a wife with child (when her travail cometh upon her) is ashamed, cryeth and suffereth the pain: Even so are we, O LORD, in thy sight. We are with child, we travail, and bear, and with the spirit we bring forth health, where thorow the earth is undestroyed, and the inhabiters of the world perish not. But as for thy dead men and ours, that be departed, they are in life and resurrection. They lie in the earth, they wake, and have joy: for thy dew is a dew of life and light. But the place of the malicious Tyrants is fallen away.
So go now my people into thy chamber, and shut the door to thee, and suffer now the twinkling of an eye, till the wrath be overpast. For behold, the LORD will go out of his habitation, and visit the wickedness of them that dwell upon earth. He will discover the blood that she hath devoured, she shall never hide them, that she hath murdered.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.