Proverbs chapter 12

Whoso loveth wisdom, will be content to be reformed: but he that hateth to be reproved, is a fool.
A good man is acceptable unto the LORD: but the wicked will he condemn.
A man can not endure in ungodliness, but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.
A steadfast woman is a crown unto her husband: but she that behaveth herself unhonestly is a corruption in his bones.
The thoughts of the righteous are right, but the imagination of the ungodly are deceitful.
The talking of the ungodly is how they may lay wait for blood, but the mouth of the righteous will deliver them.
Or ever thou canst turn thee about, the ungodly shall be overthrown: but the house of the righteous shall stond.
A man shall be commended for his wisdom, but a fool shall be despised.
A simple man which laboureth and worketh, is better than one that is gorgeous and wanteth bread.
A righteous man regardeth the life of his cattle, but the ungodly have cruel hearts.
He that tilleth his land, shall have plenteousness of bread: but he that followeth idleness, is a very fool.
The desire of the ungodly hunteth after mischief, but the root of the righteous bringeth forth fruit.
The wicked falleth into the snare thorow the malice of his own mouth, but the just shall escape out of peril.
Every man shall enjoy good according to the innocency of his mouth, and after the works of his hands shall he be rewarded.
Look what a fool taketh in hand, he thinketh it well done: but he that is wise, will be counseled.
A fool uttereth his wrath in all the haste, but a discreet man forgiveth wrong.
A just man will tell the truth, and shew the thing that is right: but a false witness deceiveth.
A scanderlous person pricketh like a sword, but a wise man's tongue is wholesome.
A true mouth is ever constant, but a dissembling tongue is soon changed.
They that imagine evil in their mind, will deceive: but the counselors of peace shall have joy following them.
There shall no misfortune happen unto the just, but the ungodly shall be filled with misery.
The LORD abhoreth deceitful lips, but they that labour for truth please him.
He that hath understanding can hide his wisdom: but an undiscreet heart telleth out his foolishness.
A diligent hand shall bear rule, but the idle shall be under tribute.
Heaviness discourageth the heart of man, but a good word maketh it glad again.
The righteous is liberal unto his neighbour, but the way of the ungodly will deceive themselves.
A deceitful man shall find no vantage, but he that is content with that he hath, is more worth than gold.
In the way of righteousness there is life, as for any other way it is the path unto death.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.