Leviticus chapter .xxvij.

And the LORD spake unto Moses saying: speak unto the children of Israel and say unto them: If any man will give a singular vow unto the LORD according to the value of his soul, then shall the male from twenty years unto forty be set at fifty sicles of silver, after the sicle of the sanctuary, and the female at thirty sicles. And from five years to twenty the male shall be set at twenty sicles, and the female at ten sicles. And from a month unto five years, the male shall be set at five sicles of silver, and the female at three. And the man that is forty and above, shall be valued at fifteen sicles, and the woman at ten. If he be too poor so to be set, then let him come before the priest: and let the priest value him, according as the hand of him that vowed is able to get. If it be of the beasts of which men bring an offering unto the LORD: all that any man giveth of such unto the LORD, shall be holy. He may not alter it nor change it: a good for a bad or a bad for good. If he change beast for beast, then both the same beast and it also wherewith it was changed shall be holy. If it be any manner of unclean beast of which men may not offer unto the LORD, let him bring the beast before the priest and let the priest value it. And whether it be good or bad as the priest setteth it, so shall it be. And if he will buy it again, let him give the fifth part more to that it was set at.
If any man dedicate his house, it shall be holy unto the LORD. And the priest shall set it; whether it be good or bad, and as the priest hath set it, so it shall be. If he that sanctified it will redeem his house, let him give the fifth part of the money that it was judged at thereto, and it shall be his. If a man hallow a piece of his inherited land unto the LORD, it shall be set according to that it beareth. If it bear an homer of barley, it shall be set at fifty sicles of silver. If he hallow his field immediately from the trompet year, it shall be worth according as it is esteemed. But and if he hallow his field after the trumpet year, the priest shall reckon the price with him according to the years that remain unto the trumpet year, and thereafter it shall be lower set. If he that sanctified the field will redeem it again, let him put the fifth part of the price that it was set at, thereunto, and it shall be his: if he will not it shall be redeemed no more. But when the field goeth out in the trompet year, it shall be holy unto the LORD: even as a thing dedicated, and it shall be the priest's possession. If a man sanctify unto the LORD a field, which he hath bought and is not of his inheritance, then the priest shall reckon with him what it is worth unto the trompet year, and he shall give the price that it is set at the same day, and it shall be holy unto the LORD. But in the trompet year, the field shall return unto him of whom he bought it, whose inheritance of land it was. And all setting shall be according to the holy sicle. One sicle maketh twenty geras.
But the firstborn of the beasts that pertain unto the LORD, may no man sanctify: whether it be ox or sheep, for they are the LORD's already. If it be an unclean beast, then let him redeem it as it is set at, and give the fifth part more thereto. If it be not redeemed, then let it be sold as it is rated. Notwithstanding no dedicated thing that a man dedicateth unto the LORD, of all his goods, whether it be man or beast or land of his inheritance, shall be sold or redeemed: for all dedicate things are most holy unto the LORD. No dedicated thing therefore that is dedicate of man, may be redeemed, but must needs die. All these tithes of the land, whether it be of the corn of the field or fruit of the trees, shall be holy unto the LORD. If any man will redeem ought of his tithes, let him add the fifth part more thereto. And the tithes of oxen and sheep and of all that goeth under the herdman's keeping, shall be holy tithes unto the LORD. Men shall not look if it be good or bad nor shall change it. If any man change it then both it and that it was changed withall, shall be holy and may not be redeemed. These are the commandments which the LORD gave Moses in charge to give unto the children of Israel in mount Sinai.


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