Joshua chapter .xv.

And the lot of the tribe of the children of Iuda in their kindreds was the wilderness of Zin that stretched to the coasts of Edom southward, and is the utmost part of the south coasts. And their south coasts were from the brink of the salt sea and from a certain point of the sea that leaneth southward. And it went out on the south side of the going up to Acrabim, and went along to Zimma, and ascended up on the south side of Cades Barne, and went along the Hezron and went up to Adar, and set a compass to Karca and went along to Azmon, and it went out to the river of Egypt: so that the end of the coast is the sea. And these are their south coasts. And their east coasts are the salt sea even unto the edge of Iordan. And their borders in the north quarter were from another point of the sea where Iordan endeth. And went up to Bethhagla and went along by the north side of Betharabah and went up to the stone of Bohen the son of Ruben. And then went up to Dabir from the valley of Acor, and so northward, turning toward Gilgal that lieth before the going up to Adonim, which is of the south side of the River. And then went along to the water of Ensemes, and ended at the well of Rogell. And then went up to the valley of the son of Hennom, even unto the south side of the Iebusites the inhabiters of Ierusalem. And then went up to the top of the hill that lieth before the valley of Hennom westward, and by the edge of the valley of Raphaim northward: And then it draweth from the sand hill unto the fountain of water called Nephthoah, and goeth out at the cities of mount Ephron: and draweth to Balah, otherwise called Kariathiarim: and then it compasseth from Balah westward, unto Eyr, and then goeth along unto the side of mount Iarim, otherwise called Chesalon, on the north side thereof. And cometh down to Bethsames and goeth to Thamnah, and goeth out on the side of Akaron northward: And then draweth to Secron and goeth along to mount Balah, and goeth out at Iabnel: and the end of the coasts is the sea. And the west borders are the great sea and the coasts that lie thereon. And these are the coasts of the children of Iuda round about in their kindreds.
And unto Caleb the son of Iephune was there a part given among the children of Iuda, by the mouth of the LORD to Iosua, even the city of Kariatharbe father of Enack which city is called Hebron. And Caleb drove thence the three sons of Enack, Sefai, Ahman, and Thalmai, the sons begotten of Enack. And he went up thence, to the inhabiters of Dabir, whose name in the old time was kariath sepher. And Caleb said: he that smiteth kariath sepher and taketh it: to him will I give Acsah my daughter to wife. And Othinel, the son of Kenes, the brother of Caleb took it. And he gave him Acsah his daughter to wife. And as she went she moved him, to ask of her father a field. And she alighted off her ass. And Caleb said unto her, what aileth thee. And she said, give me a blessing: for thou hast given me a southward and dry land: give me also springs of water. Then he gave her springs of water, both above and beneath.
This is the inheritance of the tribe of the children of Iuda in their kindreds. And the cities of the tribe of the children of Iuda in all quarters, toward the coasts of Edom southward, were: Kabzel, Eder, and Iagur: Kinah, Dimonah, and Adada: Kedes Hazor, and Iethnan: Ziph, Telem, and Baloth, Hazor Hadathah, and Karioth, Hezron, otherwise called Hazor: Eman, Sami, and Moladah: Hazargadah, Hasmon, and Bethpheleth: Hazarsual, Bersabe, and Baziothiah: Baalah, Iim, and Azen: Eltholad, Cesill, and Horma: Zikelag, Medemenah, and Sensenah: Labaoth, Selhim, Ain, and Kemon: all these cities are twenty and nine with their villages. And in the low country they had Esthaol, Zareah, and Asenah: Zoneah, Enganim, Thaphuah and Enam: Ierimoth, Adulam, Socoh, and Askah: Saarem, Adithaim, Gederah, and Geberothaim: fourteen cities with their villages. Zenan, Hadazah, and Magdalgad: Delean Mazphah, and Iektheel: Lachis, Bazcath, and Eglon: Cabon, Lahamam, and Cethlis: Gaderoth, Bethdagon, Maamah and Makedah: sixteen cities with their villages. Lebnah, Ether, and Asan: Iephthah, Asnah, and Nezib: Keilah, Kahezip, and Maresah: nine cities with their villages. Akron with their towns and villages. And from Akron out to the sea, all that lieth about Asdod with their villages. Asdod with her towns and villages. Asah with her towns and villages, even unto the river of Egypt: and the great sea with the coasts that lie thereon. And in the mountains, they had Samir Iathir, and Socoh: Danah: and Kariath senath, which is Dabir: Anab, Esthemoh, and Anim: Gozen, Holon, and Giloh: eleven cities with their villages. Arab, Dumah, and Esean: Ianim, Beththapuah and Aphcah: Humatah and kariath arbe: which is Hebron and Zior: nine cities with their villages. Maon, Carmel, Siph, and Iutah: Iesraell, Iukadan, and Sanoeh: Cain, Gabaah, and Thamnah: ten cities with their villages. Halhull Bethzur, and Gedor: Maarath, Bethanoth, and Elthecon: Six cities with their villages. Kariath Baal which is kariath Iarim, and Harabba two cities with their villages. And in the wilderness they had Betharabah, Meddin and Sacacah: Nebson, the city of salt, and Engadi: Six cities with their villages. But the Iebusites that were the inhabiters of Ierusalem: the children of Iuda could not cast out. Wherefore the Iebusites dwell among the children of Iuda unto this day.


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