Hosea chapter 14

O Israel, turn thee now, unto the LORD thy God, for thou hast taken a great fall thorow thy wickedness. Take these words with you, when ye turn to the LORD, and say unto him: O forgive us all our sins, receive us graciously, and then will we offer thee bullocks of our lips unto thee. Assur shall be no more our helper, neither will we ride upon horses any more. As for the works of our hands, we will no more call upon them: for it is thou that art our God, thou shewest ever mercy unto the fatherless.
O (if they would do this) I should heal their sores: yea with all my heart would I love them: so that my wrath should clean be turned away from them: Yea I would be unto Israel as the dew, and he should grow as the lily, and his root should break out as Libanus. His branches should spread out abroad, and be as fair as the olive tree, and smell as Libanus. They that dwell under his shadow, should come again, and grow up as the corn, and flourish as the vine: he should have as good a name, as the wine of Libanus.
O Ephraim what have I to do with Idols any more? I will graciously hear him, and lead him forth. I will be unto thee as a green fir tree, upon me shalt thou find thy fruit. Who so is wise, shall understand this: and he that is right instruct, will regard it. For the ways of the LORD are righteous, such as be godly will walk in them: As for the wicked, they will stumble therein.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.