1 Chronicles chapter .vij.

The sons of Isacar: Thola, Phuah, Iasub and Samson, four. The sons of Thola: Ozi, Rephaiah, Ieriel, Iathamai, Iebsam and Samuel which were heads in the ancient households of Thola and men of might among their kindreds: the number of them in the days of David were two and twenty thousand and six hundredth. The sons of Ozi: Izrahiah. The sons of Izrahiah: Michael, Obadiah Ioel, Iesiah, five head men in all. And among them in their kindreds and ancient households six and thirty thousand men prepared to war: for they had many wives and sons. And of their brethren among all the kindreds of Isacar were reckoned of men of war four score and seven thousand in all. The sons of Benjamin: Bale, Bochor and Iadiael, three. The sons of Bale: Ezbon, Ozi, Oziel, Ierimoth and Uri, five heads of ancient houses and men of might and were in number twenty two thousand and thirty four. The sons of Bochor: Zamirah, Ioas, Eliezer, Elioenai, Amri, Ierimoth, Abiah, Anathoth and Alamath. All these are the children of Bochor, and were reckoned in their kindreds with the heads of the ancient households of them that were men of power, twenty thousand and two hundredth. The sons of Iediael: Balahan. The sons of Balahan: Ieus, Benjamin, Ahud and Canaanah, Zetham, Tharsis and Ahisahar. All these are the sons of Iediael and ancient heads and men of might seventeen thousand and two hundredth that went out to battle. And Suphim and Huphim were the children of Ir. And the Husites were the children of Aher. The sons of Nephthali: Iahaziel, Guni, Iezer and Selum, the children of Balahah. The sons of Manasseh: Azriel which Aramiah his concubine bare: she bare also Machir the father of Gilead. And Machir gave to Huphim and Suphim wives. And the name of his sister was Maacah. And the name of another son was Zalphahad. And Zalphahad had daughters. And Maacah the wife of Machir bare a son and called his name Pharez, and the name of his brother was Zares and his sons were Ulan and Rekem. The son of Ulam was Badan. These are the sons of Gilead the son of Machir the son of Manasseh. And his sister Melcath bare Ieshud, Abieser and Moholah. And the sons of Semida were Ahaian, Sechem, Lekechi and Aniam.
The sons of Ephraim: Suthalah, whose son was Bared, and Thahath his son, and his son Eladah, and Thahath his son: and Sabad his son, and Suthelah his son, and Eser and Elead. And the men of Geth that were born in the land, slew them, because they were come down to take away their cattle. And Ephraim their father mourned many a day and his brethren came to comfort him. And he went into his wife which conceived and bare him a son, and he called the name of it Bariah because it went evil with his household. And his daughter was Sarah which built Bethoron the nether and also the upper, and Ozan Sarah. And Raphah was his son: whose son was Reseph, with his brother Thaleh, whose son was Thahan, and his son Laadam, and his son Amihud, and his son Elisama, and his son Nun and his son Iosua. And their possession and habitation was Bethel and the towns that longed thereto, and unto the east of Naeran, and on the west side of Gazer with the towns thereof, and Sichem with the towns of the same, and Adaiah with her towns, and along by the borders of the children of Manasseh, Bethsean with her towns, Thaanach with her towns, Magedo with her towns and Dod with her towns. In those dwelt the children of Ioseph the son of Israel. The sons of Aser: Iomnah, Iesuah, Isuai, Bariah and Serah their sister. The sons of Bariah: Teber and Melchiel which was the father of Barsaith. And Heber begat Iaphlet, Somer, Hotham, and Sua their sister. The sons of Iaphlet: Phisah, Banahal and Asauath. These are the children of Iaphlet. The sons of Somer: Ahi, Rohagah, Iahubah and Eram. And the sons of his brother Helem were Zophah, Iemna, Seles and Amal. The sons of Zophah. Suah, Harnepher, Sual, Bari, Iamrah, Bozor, Hod, Sama, Silfa, Iethran and Beera. The sons of Iether, Iephoneh, Phasaph, and Ara. The sons of Ola: Areh, Haniel and Rezia. And these were the children of Asser and heads of ancient houses and pure fellows and men of might and the head lords. And when they were numbered in array to battle, they were in number twenty six thousand men.


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